What Happened to American Zack Shahin?

Taken. Tortured.
Imprisoned for 14 Years.
Abandoned by the American Government.

Zack’s Story

Successful American businessman. Caught in the middle of a Dubai government power struggle. American passport seized. Falsely charged of financial crimes he did not commit. Thrown in jail. 14 years later, still unjustly imprisoned in Dubai, where he faces poor conditions and rapidly degrading health.

What Can I Do?

Help us make a difference by writing to your local government, and helping spread the word about Zack’s Case. To find out more, please click the link below to find letters, social media platforms, and other relevant information to helping us in our mission to free Zack and bring him back home!

A Message From Zack’s Family

America is proud of our reputation for standing by its citizens. Recent events in Afghanistan have shown this. Despite the rapid return of the Taliban to power, the Biden Administration went to great lengths to get fellow Americans, and those who worked for them, safe passage back to the U.S.

“So, why has my father been abandoned? My dad is a model of the American Dream; he came to America as a teenager, worked hard, was successful. And then, tragically, he was caught up in a business and political dispute that had nothing to do with him. Dad has lost 14 years of his life, and no one seems to want to help. We desperately need America’s political figures to up their game, so this human tragedy is brought to an end.”

Walk to Justice

Martin Lonergan, COO of Detained American, walked a grueling 1,800 miles through stifling heat, hurricanes, tornados, floods, and torrential rain to save the life of his friend. His route took him from the Houston home of Zack Shahin to Washington, D.C. The purpose of the epic endeavor was to deliver a Magnitsky Sanctions request to the United States government.